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Japanese-made tech bra only unhooks for ‘true love’

Japan is home to a lot of quirky things, but a recent invention from out of the Land of the Rising Sun measures one of the hardest things to quantify: true love.
For their 10th anniversary, Japanese lingerie retailer and maker of women's intimate wear Ravijour came out with what they dubbed as a "true love tester." 

The bra, which features a high-tech clasp up front, can only be unhooked by "true love."
"When we fall in love, we experience an instant boost in excitement," Ravijour noted in their video. 

"Experts" further explained that, as excitement leads to a heightened heart rate, the built-in sensor within the bra sends data to one's phone via Bluetooth.

An app then measures the change in heart rate, leading to the claps unlocking if the rate exceeds a specific value. — KDM, GMA News
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