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Google fetes kids on International Children's Day

Google on Sunday paid tribute to children around the world with one of its patented doodles to mark International Children's Day.

Young visitors to Google's homepage would be pleased to see a doodle with blocks, a doll and other toys, with the blocks spelling out the word "Google."

Clicking on the doodle will take visitors to a Google Search Results page for "Children's Day."

June 1 is one of at least two international dates honoring children.

An article on Education Scotland said the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland, proclaimed June 1 as International Children's Day in 1925.

Such a day is "usually marked with speeches on children's rights and well-being, and other events involving or dedicated to children," it said.

On the other hand, the United Nations General Assembly in 1954 recommended that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, "to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children."

It urged that such a day "be devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the United Nations Charter and the welfare of the children of the world."

"The date 20 November marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, in 1989," it added. — Joel Locsin /LBG, GMA News