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Detective Pikachu is getting his own live-action Pokemon movie

With Pokemon Go setting trends and becoming another commercial success in mobile gaming and social media alike, there’s still plenty of things to expect from the Nintendo owned brand.

A big screen release might be on top of that list. Variety reported on Wednesday that the movie rights have been exclusively acquired by Legendary Entertainment, the studio best known for their co-production work with Warner Bros. with their early superhero films like "The Dark Knight Trilogy", "Man of Steel", and Guillermo del Toro’s epic robot vs monster film "Pacific Rim."

Legendary Entertainment and The Pokemon Company aims to release the first live-action Pokemon film franchise in 2017, focusing on the beloved poster child of the Pokemon franchise Pikachu—wearing a deerstalker hat. 


Although it's certain that the movie will be based on the spinoff "Great Detective Pikachu", an adventure game released this year for the Nintento 3DS, few details have been released. 

Legendary stated that production is set to be "fast-tracked" for production in 2017. — AT, GMA News

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