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Sony spotlights video game heroines for International Women’s month

March is celebrated around the world as International Women’s month. For this reason, Sony has put together a list of female video game characters who, in “smashing age-old stereotypes” have “redefined PlayStation Gaming.”

These are strong, intelligent, and incredible characters, many of whom continue to inspire legions of fans.

In no particular order, here are the characters on Sony’s list:


1. Aloy from “Horizon: Zero Dawn”

Introduced in this year’s phenomenal “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” Aloy is one of the youngest heroines in the industry in terms of video game years. Not only is she great with the bow and arrow, she’s a curious individual who’s never content accepting the “truths” handed down to her by tradition. She isn’t afraid of technology like others in her tribe, and it’s her determination to unravel the secrets of the world that helps her solve some of its age-old mysteries.

She’s compassionate and emotionally resilient, to boot!

2. Chun-Li from the “Street Fighter” series

If we’re going by video game years, Chun-Li, who first appeared in 1991’s “Street Fighter II: The World Warrior,” is the oldest heroine on this list. And whether or not you’re into fighting games, she is, without a doubt, one of the most recognizable faces in gaming.

Chun-Li is beauty, brains, and brawn in a single package. Her remarkable detective work has made her an indispensable Interpol agent, while her exceptional martial arts skills (she started training when most of us were still sucking on our thumbs) have helped take down some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. She’s driven by a strong sense of justice and compassion, and particularly hates it when children are victimized by evildoers.


3. Lara Croft from the “Tomb Raider” series

Ms. Croft needs no introduction. Though she started out in 1996 as an over-sexualized heroine with slight sociopathic tendencies, she’s been remade into a more realistic and relatable woman. Lara is a driven human being with a moral compass that pushes her to seek justice for those who’ve been treated unfairly. And though her experiences have left her damaged, she’s not one to give up, bouncing back from suffering and failure to do what needs to be done – whether that’s saving lives or stopping the bad guys from claiming an ancient power.

And, like Aloy, Lara is naturally curious. This, combined with her keen intelligence, athleticism, and valor, makes her the consummate treasure hunter.

4. Chie Satonaka from “Persona 4”

Chie Satonaka is all about smashing stereotypes. She’s a short-haired tomboy who loves martial arts – loves it so much, in fact, that she doesn’t need swords or guns to beat up bad guys; all she needs are her fists, feet, knees, and elbows. She’s a cheerful person who’s fun to be around, especially if you love kung-fu movies. She just ADORES those. And if you’re ever in a bind, expect Chie to be the first to rush to your aid – this high school girl is all about justice and saving the day.

5. Ellie from “The Last of Us”

Ellie may only be 14 in Naughty Dog’s seminal “The Last of Us,” but her bravery and resourcefulness make her a match for people twice her age. Without her quick thinking and resolve, her friend Joel would’ve never survived the events of the game. Her youthful passion is also balanced by a more mature outlook, which has helped her get through post-apocalyptic America.

Thanks to the game’s wonderful writing and excellent voice work by actress Ashley Johnson, Ellie is one of the most well-developed characters in the history of gaming.

6. Jill Valentine from the “Resident Evil” series

Another character whom everybody is familiar with, Jill Valentine embodies what it means to be a survivor. Courageous, perceptive, and strong-willed, she has survived attacks by zombie hordes, mutant dogs, murderous behemoths, traitorous allies, mind control, bad voice acting, and more. She also happens to be a highly proficient marksman, as well as an accomplished martial artist.

And yes, she’s the master of unlocking.

7. Josie Rizal from the “Tekken” series

One of the latest additions to “Tekken” is also the franchise’s first Filipina! Josie Rizal’s reveal in 2015 was met with some controversy, but fans have taken to her due to her cool fighting style and cute design.

Though Josie is a crybaby, she’s not in the habit of giving up, and trained until her Eskrima-based kickboxing was good enough to be noticed by some of the world’s greatest fighters. And, like all good Filipinos, she does what she does to help her family.


Though not included in Sony’s list, we at GMA News Online feel these other ladies also deserve to be celebrated for their contributions to video games.

Kat from the “Gravity Rush” series

Kat is the nicest, kindest video game hero/heroine, ever. This is no exaggeration.

An extraordinarily compassionate soul, Kat helps people because she wants to help people, not because some past tragedy, guilt, or need for revenge drives her to do so. And this “help” takes many forms. Yes, there’s the requisite “saving the world” kind of help, but this superheroine also won’t hesitate to lend you an ear if you’re melancholy, help you out with your business, reunite you with a long-lost family member, wait in line in front of a food stall to buy you something to eat, or walk your dog. The most amazing thing about Kat is not her gift to manipulate gravity – it’s how truly good she is as a person.

Elena Fisher from the “Uncharted” series

Elena evolves throughout the “Uncharted” series, taking on various demanding jobs from journalist to foreign correspondent. All that, and she manages to find time to climb mountains, dodge bullets, discover ancient worlds and treasures, save her allies from certain death, and keep her often overenthusiastic partner, Nathan Drake, grounded. Nate may be the series’ hero, but we can’t imagine the “Uncharted” universe without Elena’s wit, compassion, daring, good humor, and stabilizing levelheadedness.

Yuna from the “Final Fantasy X” series

Yuna is the epitome of selflessness, training her whole life for a quest that could end only in her sacrifice. Her gentle nature is often a source of hope for her friends, while her tenacity to see her journey through to its bitter conclusion inspires all her companions to be as brave and noble as she.

She’s great with guns, too – not to mention her wonderful voice and singing skills can draw enough people to fill an entire stadium. — TJD, GMA News