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REV Major PHL showcases Asia’s fighting game mastery

Fighting game tournament REV Major Philippines became an exhibit of superior skill and strategy as it gathered the best fighting game players within Philippines and Asia.

Hundreds of fans flooded the Power Mac Center Spotlight at Circuit Makati on July 8 and 9 for the event. Organized by PlayBook and “Tekken” publisher and developer Bandai Namco, REV Major Philippines is one of the Philippines’ biggest eSports tournaments this year, as it is a Tekken World Tour Master Event for the Asia-Pacific region.


Photo: Michael Logarta
Photo: Michael Logarta

While REV Major Philippines’ chief event was the “Tekken 7” competition, it also featured contests focusing on 6 other popular fighting games, namely “Street Fighter V,” “Super Smash Bros.,” “Injustice 2,” “The King of Fighters XIV,” “Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2,” and “Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.”

The tournament attracted some top-tier “Tekken 7” talents from Asia. From South Korea were contenders Knee, and Echo Fox’s Saint and JDCR; from Japan were Yamasa’s Take, Nobi, and Yuu, and Cyclops’ Tanukana. Of course, local “Tekken 7” powerhouses Andreij “Doujin” Albar and Alexandre “AK” Laverez of PlayBook Esports also participated in the event.

The first day, July 8, featured the “Tekken 7” pools. Despite an excellent first game in which he won three straight rounds, AK was eliminated after losing to Yuu with a score of 2-1 in the latter’s favor. Similarly, Tanukana was eliminated after losing to Legion’s NoeLittle with a score of 2-0 in the latter’s favor.

July 8 announced several victors, while the “Super Smash Bros.,” “Street Fighter V,” and “Tekken 7” champions were made on July 9.

The following is a breakdown of REV Major Philippines’ main events, top player rankings, and prize winnings.


Photo: Michael Logarta
Photo: Michael Logarta

Tekken 7 – Top 16

1. JDCR (Echo Fox) – P200,000 grand prize
2. Knee – P100,000
3. Take (Yamasa) – P75,500
4. Kkokkoma – P50,000
5. Saint (Echo FOX) – P25,000
6. Nobi (Yamasa) – P25,000
7. Dimeback – P12,500
8. Tsubumi – P12,500

From L-R: Take, Knee, JDCR. Photo: Michael Logarta
From L-R: Take, Knee, JDCR. Photo: Michael Logarta

9. Doujin (PlayBook Esports)
10. Chikurin (COOASGAMES)
11. Yuu (Yamasa)
12. Book
13. Noelittle (Legion)
14. Maru (PlayBook Esports)
15. Tekken Bancho (Jackller)
16. Prime (Legion)


Street Fighter V – Top 8

1. Yoshi (Imperium Pro Team) – P17,750 grand prize
2. Book – P8,875
3. Manza (IGT) – P3,550
4. SuperJames (PlayBook Esports) – P1,775
5. Mitsu (FGS) – P1,065
6. Bombie (PlayBook Esports) – P710
7. Don (PlayBook Esports)
8. Zeno (FGS)

Super Smash Bros. – Top 4

1. PSI Force (TSF) – P12,250 grand prize
2. Cheese – P3,500
3. GodZ (PlayBook Esports) – P1,750
4. Mmmbetty (PlayBook Esports)

Injustice 2 – Top 4

1. Pinoy172 (FBE) – P8,050 grand prize
2. Champo (CG) – P2,300
3. Bully (PlayBook Esports) – P1,150
4. R. Chusan

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – Top 4

1. Bryan – P7,700 grand prize
2. Anton (Imperium Pro Team) – P2,200
3. Garrett (Imperium Pro Team) – P1,10
4. coBEAST

The King of Fighters XIV – Top 4

1. Papable Peter (LGMP) – P7,350 grand prize
2. Renato (NM) – P2,100
3. Ardy (NM) – P1,050
4. Terry Hudas

Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 – Top 4

1. Noob (PlayBook Esports) – P6,650 grand prize
2. Pekos (GetNews) – P1,900
3. Jiyuna – P950
4. Shinji (PlayBook Esports)


Photo: Michael Logarta
Photo: Michael Logarta

The journey continues

A global tournament series, the Tekken World Tour will be gathering the top 5 players from each of the following regions: the Asia-Pacific, the Americas, and Europe. These players, as well as the EVO 2017 “Tekken 7” champion, will then proceed to the grand finals to be held later this year in the US.

JDCR previously emerged victorious at the Rage Art “Tekken 7” launch tournament, which took place at PlayBook Circuit Makati on June 3, 2017. With his victory at REV Major Philippines, JDCR now has the chance to represent the Asia-Pacific region at the aforementioned Tekken World Tour grand finals. — TJD, GMA News