‘Combatron,’ a video game based on the Filipino comic book character, is in the works


An indie game studio is working on a video game based on Philippine comic book property “Combatron”; a playable PC demo can be downloaded from the game’s Indiegogo page.

“Combatron: Project Phoenix” is a beat ‘em up featuring characters from Berlin Manalaysay’s “Combatron,” a popular Funny Komiks series that ran in the ‘90s. The demo allows players to control the superhero Combatron as he punches, kicks, and leaps his way through a city overrun by villainous cyborgs.

Developer Caotic Pixel Studios started the Indiegogo campaign to fund the game’s development. The plan is to add more playable characters, levels, and features to “Combatron: Project Phoenix,” and to release it on multiple platforms such as PC via Steam.

Retro-style brawler

“Combatron: Project Phoenix” shares its gameplay design with classic arcade games like “Double Dragon” and “Streets of Rage.” Enemies will gang up on you, so you'll have to be quick with those punches, if you don’t want to get swarmed.

The levels themselves are dangerous, with speeding vehicles intent on turning you into roadkill, and large ground fissures waiting for a single misstep that could end your life.

Caotic Pixel Studios plans for the full release to come with eight levels and several playable characters, including Combatron, Axel, Mechababe, and at least two more. There will also be a progression system allowing you to upgrade the characters’ combos and stats.

Additionally, the studio hopes to add shoot ‘em up levels to diversify the gaming experience.


The funds that Caotic Pixel Studios will be able to raise on Indiegogo will be used for the development of the rest of “Combatron: Project Phoenix” as well as in hiring a composer to write original music, voice actors to give the characters life, and writers to flesh out the game’s story.


The Indiegogo campaign offers various rewards to backers, including the game itself, its soundtrack, and a digital art book, as well as opportunities to design playable characters, enemies, bosses, levels, and skins.

Childhood hero

“Combatron: Project Phoenix” Team Lead JC Malapit entered the game development industry in 2006, when he joined Anino Entertainment as a game designer.

“I’ve been an artist, animator, programmer, and even a producer—but with all that experience, I’ve struggled to maintain the passion to create and sell games that I develop by myself or with a team,” he said.

“All that changed when last year I discovered that the comic book hero of my childhood, Combatron, is back with a two-part comic book special. That was the only spark that I needed to finally take the leap and pitch a game to Berlin (Manalaysay) himself.”

The two-part comic book in question, released in 2018 and 2019, is the long-awaited finale to the “Combatron” saga. It continues where the story left off in 1997, when its Funny Komics run came to what many felt was a premature conclusion.


During a promotional tour for the new “Combatron” comic book and figure, Malapit approached Manalaysay to discuss his idea for “Combatron: Project Phoenix.”

“Eventually we reached an agreement and I started developing a proper demo for the crowdfunding,” he said.

“Berlin is a very chill guy to work with,” he added. “I’ll be forever thankful for the fact that he trusts my judgment in most of the creative aspects of the game and provides feedback only when it is crucial. For him, as long as the game is fun to play, he’s okay with it.”

Developing “Combatron: Project Phoenix” are JC Malapit (art, animation, level design, programming, special effects), Keith Lorenzo (programming consultant, game design consultant), Nurjean Chaneco (game design and scenario consultant, social media manager), and others. — LA, GMA News