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Filipinos rank first in spending time on social media — report

Out of 45 countries, the Philippines ranked first in terms of spending the most amount of time on social media.

According to Tina Panganiban-Perez’s report on “24 Oras” on Wednesday, a report from online marketplace showed that Filipinos spend an average of 102,054 hours or 4,252 days on social media during their lifetime.

However, the country was at the bottom 10 countries for average life expectancy.

The report said Filipinos may live until 72 years on average.

A sociologist, meanwhile, said a person can be addicted to social media when he/she spends more time online than doing productive activities.

“Depende sa individual kasi you have to break it down. Kung ‘yong total number of hours na ‘yan, example sa isang 24-hour day, halos kalahati ng oras mo ginugugol mo lang sa social media, then mayroon kang overlapping problem. Kasi ibig sabihin, the time that you spend on social media can be used more productively,” Bro. Clifford Sorita said.

Sorita clarified that spending time on social media is not bad, however, it has to be taken in moderation.

He also said social media can be used as a communication tool between family and friends and to get news, but spending time online because of the “illusion of being popular, addiction for likes, shares and comments” can take a toll on an individual.

To overcome social media addiction, Sorita said an individual must find a routine and make his/her day productive as much as possible.

He/She must explore other activities in the household, create a schedule for the use of social media and practice “unplug” to have a quiet time with oneself.

OnBuy surveyed 2,153 individuals from 45 countries.

Colombia placed second with an average of 101,288 hours or 4,220 days on social media, while Japan ranked as the country least obsessed with social media. -- Ma. Angelica Garcia/BAP, GMA News