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FULL STATEMENT: GMA Network on Pia Guanio’s departure from 24 Oras 

Here is the full statement of GMA Network on the departure of Pia Guanio on 24 Oras' showbiz segment, Chika Minute.

After 11 years at the forefront of showbiz news, Pia Guanio has decided to say goodbye to Chika Minute on 24 Oras.
Pia decided to let go of her anchoring duties on 24 Oras to prioritize family life and raising her daughter Scarlet with her husband Steve Mago.

GMA Network understands the importance of family and is fully behind Pia’s decision to move forward.

Pia has been with 24 Oras since it launched in 2004, carving a niche in entertainment news with her fun and classy news delivery.

With Pia's help, Chika Minute has etched itself in the consciousness of Pinoy pop culture, with the trademark voice of Pia signalling the start of showbiz news. 

Aside from showbiz news, Pia has also advocated for healthy living and animal rights and produced stories and news features on these. 

24 Oras is grateful for Pia’s contributions to make it the leading and most credible newscast in the country today.
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