What makes Alden Richards the ideal apo

Alden Richards may just as well be called Pambansang Lola’s Boy.

His grandmother, Erlinda Peralta, revealed to GMA News Online some of the Pambansang Bae’s traits that make him the ideal apo. Lola Linda recalls Alden growing up very close to her—always making sure the Kapuso star spends enough time with her, especially in the kitchen. “Meron siyang instinct, magaling siya magluto,” she tells proudly. “Parang inborn,” Lola Linda says of Alden’s kitchen skills.

When asked about the Pambansang Bae’s favorite meal, Lola Linda dishes out, “Scrambled eggs with tomato and onions [paired] with fried rice and dried fish.”

Growing up, Alden was inseparable from his grandmother. “Yung rocking chair ko, gusto niya siya maupo,” Lola Linda says. Alden would even squeeze in the seat even if Lola Linda was already there.

Today, Alden still makes it a point to spend quality time with Lola Linda—still squeezing in beside her, as shown in this video:

Alden now captures every moment with his Lola Linda with his new OPPO F3.

Now, he’s even teaching her how to become a selfie expert! With a dual front camera system that’s 16MP + 8MP, the OPPO F3 is capable of taking the classic solo shot or an effortless groufie with its wide angle mode accessible with just a flick of a digital switch.

The OPPO F3 is also equipped with Beautify 4.0 to get flawless photos every time. With the new OPPO F3, you can simply enhance your features or just have fun!

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