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Travel blogger Wil Dasovich diagnosed with cancer

In an 11-minute video titled “The Doctor Finally Told Me,” travel blogger Wil Dasovich announced he was diagnosed with cancer.

He first introduced himself and showed footage of what he does before dropping the news: “The other day I was diagnosed with cancer,” Dasovich said in the most serious tone we’ve ever heard him use and wearing the gravest facial expression.

“As tough as it was for me to take that in, it’s not going to stop me from having fun, being myself, and continuing to do what makes me happy,” he continued.

With his voice shaking, Dasovich thanked “everyone for all the support and I truly love each and everyone of you. I’m overwhelmingly grateful for helping me get to this point.”

Earlier in the month, Dasovich released a video called “I’m Sick (It’s Gotten Worse)”, where he said he had been experiencing internal bleeding due to a ‘parasite’ he got from contaminated food or water.

On that video, published on YouTube Aug 5, 2017, Dasovich said he was back in San Francisco “for the first time in over three years.”

Before becoming a successful travel blogger, Dasovich tried his hand at modeling, hosting, and TV acting. He appeared in a few "Bubble Gang" episodes.

We're with you Wil! — LA/AT, GMA News