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‘Hello, mga ka-DDS’: Steven Seagal lauds Duterte’s fight vs. terrorism, drugs

Hollywood star Steven Seagal has admitted being impressed by President Rodrigo Duterte, especially the chief executive's feat in ending the Marawi siege and his continuing war against drugs.

In an interview with Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson posted Saturday on her Facebook page Mocha Uson Blog, the action star lauded Duterte's campaign against illegal drugs, and congratulated the President and the soldiers who defended Marawi City in a bloody battle with ISIS-inspired terrorists in a five-month armed conflict.

"I think that, you know, he had a tremendous problem. He's lost a lot of soldiers and a lot of police officers to terrorism and narco-terrorism and he has dealt with it in a very impressive way," Seagal said.

When asked about his first impression of Duterte, Seagal shared that he took the time to personally know the President before passing judgement and eventually found out the Philippine president was sincere in caring for his country.

"He's a very candid guy. What I like about him is I don't look at him as a politician. I look at him as a very direct, sincere person who cares about his country," Seagal

"Before I met him, I've been around for a long time and I'm smart enough to know that there's such a thing as propaganda and politics around the world," Seagal said.

The actor said after asking around and talking with Filipino friends and his friends in government, he "was able to get a pretty good understanding that a lot of what is said about him is not exactly the way it really is."

"And so, I wanted to reserve all my judgement until I did more investigating and got to know him and I think that, as I said earlier, that what he's done for the country is wonderful."

Duterte and Seagal officially met on October 12 when Seagal paid a courtesy call accompanied by his friend, former Ilocos Sur Governor Luis “Chavit” Singson.

Seagal picked the Philippines as the location to shoot his movie "Attrition" and a 12-episode television series titled "General Commander."

The Palace has confirmed that Seagal's movie would revolve around crime and illegal drugs.

"I love you all and I'm delighted to be here," the actor said in the interview.

"We're one big family and we're gonna have a lot of fun and make the Philippines even more loved by the world because we're gonna show the world that what you really are," he added.

Before ending the interview, Uson asked Seagal to say: "Salamat po," "Solid!" and "Hello, mga ka-DDS!" 

"Ka-DDS" refers to ardent followers of the President and his administration, who are commonly referred to as "Digong Duterte Supporters" or "Duterte Diehard Supporters." — MDM, GMA News