Claudine posts video of Marjorie saying 'super drama to death si Inday,' Marjorie claims she wasn't referring to her mom

Claudine Barretto on Saturday took to Instagram to share a two-part video montage of sister Marjorie.

The first part of Claudine's video post showed her sister's TV interview, where Marjorie explained why her mom wasn't at their father's 82nd party. In the video, Marjorie said she was a good daughter.

The second part of the Claudine's video post, was clearly taken at a hospital, where Marjorie was heard saying she wanted to punch a certain "Inday."

"Super drama to death si ano, si Inday," Marjorie said in the video.

Her companion replied, "Why, what happened?"

Marjorie answered "Masyado siyang dramatic. Baka masapak ko."

"Sapakain ko na 'tong isa," she added.



"My heart breaks for my mom," Claudine began her accompanying caption.

According to the actress, she wasn't surprised with Marjorie's viral video as "she does this all the time."

"Earlier this year she was going to hurt my mom physically & in so many more times," wrote Claudine.

"Now that my Dad is not around i promise on my father’s grave that this will never happen again. #gooddaughter," she wrote.

Claudine narrated: "Marjorie came out of the ICU where my dad was in a critical condition. Only two visitors at a time can enter the ICU ( it was only mom inday & Marjorie inside the icu. She then says, super drama si inday baka MASAPAK KO (who then can she refer to other than my mom inday?"

In a statement sent to's executive editor Karen Caliwara, Marjorie said the Inday she was referring to in the video was not her mother.


"I don’t refer to My Mom as 'Inday.' We call her Mom or Mommy. Hindi po ang Mommy ko ang pinag-uusapan namin dito. And hindi sinasapak ang 82-year-old Mother. My Mom is one TOUGH WOMAN, none of us can ever overpower her," Marjorie told

She said she is in good terms with her mom adding that people should be concerned on more important problems happening in the country instead of the Barretto family feud.

"Let this be known to all that My Mom and I are on good terms. There are far more important matters happening in this country like earthquakes. Enough of the Barretto family problems. I don't want to take part anymore in their dirty tricks, tactics, and cyberbullying."

She continued "In the meantime, I hope those who took those videos and continue to spread them online are aware of Republic Act 4200. Ayon po sa batas, it is clearly illegal to record someone (audio and video) without their consent. Siguro po dapat kumuha muna sila ng magaling na legal advice bago nila inilalabas ito maliciously and out of its real context."

When asked who is the "Inday" she was referring to, Marjorie told in a phone interview that she doesn't "want to mention her name, I decided not to."

Last October 27, Marjorie posted a photo with her mom and other relatives on Instagram.

In the caption she wrote, "There are good days, and there are bad days... yesterday was good. Thank you Lord." 



The Barretto family feud began at the wake of patriarch Miguel Barretto on October 16, when President Rodrigo Duterte attempted but failed to get sisters Gretchen and Marjorie to reconcile. Angry Instagram posts then happened, making it a very public fight, that even got the international press interested

It was since died down, but on Saturday, the video featuring Marjorie turned viral, rekindling the fire. — Jannielyn Ann Bigtas/LA, GMA News