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This Pinay incredibly sounds like Taylor Swift

A Filipina Swiftie went viral on social media after a Facebook user Mark Saranillo posted a compilation of her videos singing Taylor Swift songs.

Netizens noticed Kemrie Barcenas sounded a lot like her idol Taylor, soon earning the tag, "Taylor Swift ng Pinas."

In one of the videos, she did a short cover of Taylor's songs "Back to December" and "Love Story."

But that's not all. Kemrie's talking voice sounds a lot like the American singer-songwriter, too!

Kemrie said she has always been a Swiftie fan, and will forever be a Swiftie fan. I mean she's one of the reasons why I really love music."

"And for a fact that some of my friends would say I kinda sound like her, I mean I should take that as a compliment, right?” she added.

Aside from her short covers uploaded on TikTok, Kemrie bares true talent as she also produces her own original songs.


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