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Coney Reyes gets COVID-19 vaccine in Pasig City after going through proper process

Coney Reyes received her vaccine shot against the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) after going through the proper process.

On Saturday morning, the actress shared a photo of herself holding the "I got vaccinated!" sign in her Instagram story.

Coney's son and Pasig City mayor Vico Sotto also announced the good news in a tweet, sharing that his mother was the 6,318th senior citizen in Pasig City to get vaccinated.

Vico wrote, "This AM, my mom was the 6,318th Pasigueño senior to get vaccinated!"

The mayor also gave Pasig City residents updates on the rollout of vaccines and said that over 24,000 residents had gotten their shots, including more than 6,000 senior citizens.

Last week, Vico denied special treatment in Pasig City's vaccination program and said that his senior citizen mother, who had comorbidities, had to follow the proper procedure and wait in line.

His brother and basketball coach LA Mumar also said on social media that he and his wife were still unvaccinated because they were following the right process and were waiting their turn. — DVM, GMA News