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Alden Richards, Tom Rodriguez and Jaclyn Jose dance playfully on set

What would you do if both Alden Richards and Tom Rodriguez were dancing beside you?

Well, if you were Jaclyn Jose, you’d join them!

GMA Network just released a hilarious video clip of the three “World Between Us” stars having fun behind the scenes.



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The short clip shows Alden showing Jaclyn some sexy dance moves, then Tom joining in on the fun.

After a few moments, the veteran actress eventually gave in and showed off an impressive “giling” of her own.

"The World Between Us,” which is coming back from a season break very soon, tells an inspiring story of a man and a woman who find themselves falling in love despite the world around them keeping them apart.

Apart from Cannes Film Festival best actress Jaclyn Jose and Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards, the show also features star actors Jasmine Curtis Smith, Tom Rodriguez, Sid Lucero, beauty queen Kelley Day and more. —Margaret Claire Layug/JCB, GMA News