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Christian Bautista goes on a TikTok binge, shares cute animal and dancing vids

It looks like singer Christian Bautista is having fun on TikTok, posting at least three new videos within the span of 24 hours.

He also synced and shared some of the video posts to his Instagram account on his feed and IG Stories.

In one video, he does a quick groove to K-pop band NewJeans' song, "OMG."




? OMG - NewJeans


In another TikTok video, he can be seen jokingly moving a cat's arms as if the pet was a DJ.



DJ Nacho practice sesh

? bomchi dance - TK's Funniest vids


In a recent video on Instagram, he shared a video of a cute dog just running out of the video frame set to "I Want to Break Free" by the band Queen.



In a separate TikTok video, he did the viral "Ting Ting Tang Ting" dance challenge set to the song "See Tinh" by Vietnamese singer Hoàng Thùy Linh.




? original sound - Just Us


In January this year, Christian held a 20th anniversary concert and appeared on the "Updated with Nelson Canlas" podcast to talk about singing to his wife and how Jose Mari Chan boosted Christian's popularity in Indonesia. — Kimberly Tsao/BM, GMA Integrated News