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Dingdong Dantes clarifies Marian's 'naka prepaid ka lang' anecdote

In the pilot episode of "Fast Talk with Boy Abunda" last January, Marian Rivera went viral for sharing a relatable moment between her and husband Dingdong Dantes that happened in Palawan while shooting "Dyesebel."

Marian couldn't forget when Dingdong quipped about her SIM card of all things.

"Ang suplada mo naman, tine-text kita bakit hindi ka nagre-reply? Siguro naka prepaid ka lang," she recalled Dingdong as saying.

Friday's first season finale of Boy Abunda's talk show gave a full circle moment when Dingdong Dantes guested on the show and clarified his wife's story.

"Unang una, hindi sa Palawan nangyari 'yon," he said laughing. "Sa Marimar po."

According to Dingdong, they suddenly had a change of location, and he decided to go first because it was hard to find.

"Magbibigay na lang ako ng tip sa iba," he said. "I messaged her in good faith, 'ganito ang pwede daanan.' Eh hindi sumagot. Alam kong seen [yung message ko.]"

Dingdong recalled the common excuse among people who don't reply at that time was "wala kasi akong load."

So when he had an opportunity to speak with Marian, he thought to poke fun at her. "O, nag-text ako sa'yo a. Wala ka bang load?"

According to Dingdong, Marian turned red and got angry. "Talagang walk out," he said looking amused.

"Sa 'Marimar' po nangyari yon, hindi sa 'Dyesebel'." — LA, GMA Integrated News