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Did he ever cheat on Sharon? Kiko answers Mareng Winnie: 'I've never been unfaithful'

Former Senator Francis 'Kiko' Pangilinan recently sat down with Winnie Monsod for a hard-hitting interview on "Bawal Ang Pasaway" on GMA News TV, and aside from issues involving his new post in the Cabinet, he was also grilled about controversies involving his personal life.
Mareng Winnie asked Kiko directly about rumors of his infidelity to his wife Sharon Cuneta.
"I heard that you had a mistress and daughter outside..." she began, before Kiko cut her off.
"Not true," he replied. "I've never been unfaithful. That's true."
Kiko added that there's no way Sharon would stay with him if he had cheated.
"If she finds out I've been unfaithful, she'd kick me out of the house," said Kiko, who chalked up the rumors to political mudslinging.
Kiko noted that when the allegations did not have the desired effect on his political career, his opponents began to spread rumors that he was gay.
"Am I supposed to be a womanizer, or am I supposed to be gay? That's dirty politics for you."
Mareng Winnie took Kiko's word for it, but not without a parting shot.
"If I found out you're telling me a lie, I'd go after you like mad," she said. - JST, GMA News