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Seer Roach predicts 3rd rnd KO win for Pacquiao

MANILA, Philippines – So what does Freddie Roach saw in his own crystal ball? A third round knock out victory for Manny Pacquiao. Roach, who added predicting how his prized ward’s fights would end to his resume, said Pacquiao’s May 2 (May 3 in Manila) fight against Ricky Hatton would end early when asked by reporters during “The Battle of East vs. West" promotional tour in Hollywood. “I told Manny that if he doesn’t knock (Hatton) out in three rounds I’ll be disappointed. (Manny’s) training hard always and watching the tapes and dissecting Hatton’s style," said Roach, who correctly predicted Pacquiao’s last two wins. Roach boldly predicted Pacquiao would beat David Diaz in the ninth round by way of knockout. His ward did not let disappoint his trainer and on June 28, 2008 Diaz went down by KO in the ninth. He also predicted that Oscar De La Hoya would lose by a ninth round KO against Pacquiao. Prior to the fight, Roach said that De La Hoya could no longer pull the trigger and reiterated that De La Hoya’s height and size advantage against Pacquiao would not be a factor. Roach’s predictions came true. Although the Filipino boxing superstar won by KO, he missed one round since the match ended after eight rounds with the “Golden Boy" deciding not to continue with the fight failing to catch up with a speedy and elusive Pacquiao. Roach, in an interview with, said Pacquiao knows the game plan to the letter. “We had some really good sparring partners and Manny’s doing well We have the game plan down. Manny knows how to fight this guy." He added that Hatton would have a hard time using his left hook. “You know what Ricky Hatton does best he throws punches kind of holds you, ties you up and then sinks that left hook into the body, his best punch. We’re not going to be there. He’s not even going to be able to find us. We’re just way too fast for him." This will be Pacquiao’s first match against a British boxer after testing the caliber of Mexican sluggers in his previous fights. Pacquiao’s last nine wins were against Mexican boxers. “We’ve been training hard. I’ve been getting the same intensity that I had during my previous fights," Pacquiao said in Filipino. – GMANews.TV