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MLBB Pro League Philippines Season 7 Week 2: Bren recovers, Blacklist shows its chops

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 7 is slowly taking shape with Week 2 finishing in a flash. Let's take a look at the highlights and revelations in the games this weekend.

Blacklist international has been reborn from the ashes

The addition of popular duo V33Wise has so far looked like the best thing that has ever happened to Blacklist International, who has been stuck in the middle of the pack over the past seasons. The team currently sit on top of the standings in Group B after three wins, including two sweeps in Week 2.

They have shown versatility with a masterful execution of the Diggie-strategy against Laus Playbook Esports that skillfully dismantled the MPL newcomers. They also stopped Execration, who was teeming with confidence and momentum after an impressive sweep of Omega in the opening weekend.

Johnmar "Ohmyv33nus" Villaluna has again proven to be one of the best support users in the MPL circuit with an outstanding performance on Mathilda after Execration focused their bans on his main heroes.

Danerie James "Wise" Del Rosario, meanwhile, proved that he belongs among the top-tier core users in the MPL despite the lack of highlight reels over the years. The duo has worked wonders so far for the rejuvenated Blacklist, who finished tied for fifth-eighth last season.

Blacklist will next face Omega and Bren and we will see more if their early successes are no fluke.

Omega is resurrected, Bren stumbles but recovers

Season 6 runner-up Omega Esports successfully recovered from their opening day hiccup as they made quick work of Nexplay Esports and scored a sweep to barge into the win column. They stuck to their methodic gameplay, securing objectives over kills, and that helped them regain their foothold in the league.

Adrian "Toshi" Bacallo played superbly in two games with Esmeralda as his sidelane gameplay, helping Omega secure the objectives they needed. Salic "Hadjizy" Imam also was outstanding with the Ling in Game 1 and Yi Sun-Shin in Game 2. His jungling gameplay was steady and his farm rotation was excellent, not getting behind in the gold farm despite suffering from a few pickoffs.

Meanwhile, defending champion Bren Esports had to bleed for points after two series that went the distance. They first suffered a reverse sweep against Aura PH before scoring a come-from-behind series win against Execration. Bren got dominated by Aura in Games 2 and 3, where Karl "KarlTzy" Nepomuceno never got his bearings rolling.

But they turned the tables against Execration when KarlTzy showed why he's considered as one of the best core users in the world. He finished with a vintage 9-0-4 KDA on Brody and a 5-2-9 KDA on Claude.

With KarlTzy coming into form in their last match, Bren seems to have shrugged off the championship hangover from M2 and looks to compete for the top spot in the coming weeks. —MGP, GMA News