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Police to arrest ‘unruly violators’ of COVID-19 quarantine in NCR

Police will arrest unruly violators of the community quarantine that President Rodrigo Duterte declared over Metro Manila to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

“Arestuhin kung sinong hindi sumunod sa guidelines... Ano gagawin namin? mag-dialogue?" National Capital Region Police Office director Police Major General Debold Sinas said at a press conference.

"If the guidelines is already passed and disseminated, those who will violate will be arrested," he added.

Sinas, however, clarified that those who would be arrested would be the “unruly” violators.

He said the NCRPO had already identified where to place the checkpoints in connection with the community quarantine.

Sinas said the national headquarters of the Philippine National Police still had to approve the locations.

He said there would be designated entry and exits points as well as areas where vehicles could pass through. —NB, GMA News