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Guard kicked out of apartment, loses job due to fever amid COVID-19 fears

A supermarket security guard lost both her rented apartment and her job after she went home one day and seemed to have been running a fever.

According to Mav Gonzales' report on "24 Oras", Milagros was not allowed into her apartment because a thermal scan showed her temperature was more than 36 degrees celsius.

Told to have herself checked, Milagros went to the Ospital ng Maynila. Her temperature at the hospital, 36 degrees, showed she didn't have fever.

When she went back to her apartment, Milagros found that her things had been gathered and placed in a garbage bag. She could no longer get inside.

Milagros said she went back to the Ospital ng Maynila where she slept at a waiting shed.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development helped her go home to her loved ones in Antipolo.

She, however, could no longer go to work because of the distance between Antipolo and her workplace in Manila.

The Integrated Bar of the Philippines has indicated that it would provide legal assistance to those who have suffered discrimination because of COVID-19.

"The Integrated Bar of the Philippines calls out undue discrimination against COVID-19 health workers and other frontliners and patients denied transportation, denied admission on some hospitals and other forms of discrimination," IBP president Domingo Cayosa said. -Julia Mari Ornedo/NB, GMA News

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