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QC condo officials facing complaints for 'illegally detaining' nurses —NBI

The National Bureau of Investigation said Friday that it has filed "illegal detention" complaints against officials of a condominium in Quezon City for allegedly restraining in their unit three nurses who have been cleared of COVID-19.

In a statement, the NBI also said that condo officials are likewise facing complaints for violation of the Quezon City ordinance prohibiting discrimination against COVID-19 patients, suspected cases, and health and emergency workers.

On June 29, the bureau said it received a complaint from the three nurses, who claimed they had been illegally confined in their apartment by the management and security of the Victoria Towers Condominium since June 22.

Moreover, the NBI said the nurses claimed they were still forced to confinement even though they presented medical clearances that show they are COVID-19 free, and fit to work.

After verifying the complaint, operatives went to the condominium and told the property manager and security officials of the medical certificates of the nurses, the bureau said.

But the condo officials refused to release the nurses "on the ground that they are still awaiting clearance from the barangay."

Further, the NBI said that during a discussion meeting, the barangay chairperson said she does not issue COVID-19 health clearance "in deference to Infectious Control Consultants," and that the barangay's role is limited only to monitoring and providing basic assistance to patients and suspected patients.

NBI operatives rescued the nurses despite the refusal of the condo management.

It identified the subjects of the complaint as Mel Tosco, the property manager; Napoleon Briñas, head of the security management of San Jose Builders, Inc. (SJBI); lawyer Jerich Jucaban, vice president of SJBI; Gadat Macabanding, a security guard; and the assigned guards at the condominium; and five other unidentified individuals.

Tosco was held and brought to the bureau for booking procedures, Briñas "managed to flee," and Jucaban failed to show up.

The female guard seen at the hallway "guarding the movement" of the nurses, as well as the security-in-charge have executed affidavits stating that they were just following orders from Tosco and Briñas, the NBI said. —LBG, GMA News