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Cardinal Tagle's tip for the faithful: Don't bring umbrellas to papal events

If possible, don't bring an umbrella to Pope Francis' mass at the Quirino Grandstand and other public events during his Philippine visit from Jan. 15 to 19.
Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle explained using an umbrella might block the view of other people in the crowd, and even trigger a fight.
"Bawal magdala ng payong dahil matatakpan ang tao sa likuran ninyo at baka mapagsimulan pa ng away," Tagle said in a video posted by Mon Bandril and shared by the Papal Visit official social networking accounts.


In the video, Tagle offered health tips for those who want to take part in the public events, especially the Mass at the Quirino Grandstand:
1. If sick or pregnant, consult a doctor before going to the event.
2. Bring and take maintenance medicine for conditions such as high blood pressure.
3. Bring hats or raincoats as protection from sun and rain.
4. Avoid littering, and bring a paper bag to hold discards.
5. Use portalets properly.
6. Don't bring expensive jewelry such as earrings, watches or necklaces.
7. Bring a flashlight in case the event ends late.
8. Bring wet wipes, hand sanitizers, bottled water, fans, raincoats, and towels.
9. Bring your own food that would not spoil quickly.
In an emergency, Tagle said the public may go to the nearest medical station tent or ambulance with doctors, but added their medicines are limited to those for emergencies.
He also advised people to bring ID cards for quick identification especially during emergencies.
"Ang lahat na ito ay paalala upang maging maayos at ligtas ang pagsalubong natin kay Papa Francisco," he said.
During his visit, Pope Francis is to take part in events at the University of Santo Tomas and Pasay City, and lead a Mass at the Quirino Grandstand.
He will also visit Leyte and have lunch with survivors of recent calamities. — Joel Locsin/JDS, GMA News