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Duterte plans to make Lapu-Lapu a proper hero

DAVAO CITY - One of the "injustices" that presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte wants to correct during his administration is how Filipinos see Lapu-Lapu.

On early Monday morning, Duterte told reporters that he will make Lapu-Lapu a proper hero for being the first to fight the Spanish forces who landed on the island of Cebu over 300 years ago.

"I will raise to level to the stature of a hero si Lapu-Lapu. He was the first native who fought and even killed the imperialists, si [Ferdinand] Magellan. To honor his feat," he said.

"Lapu-Lapu should be given the highest honor. Siya ang unang nakipagbakbakan eh kasi ginawa lang nila si Lapu-Lapu na isda and I do not like it," he added.

In his campaign speeches, Duterte made it a point to remind the crowd about how Lapu-Lapu fought for the freedom of his land and eventually killed Magellan who is often credited as the one who discovered the Philippines.

But Duterte would also tell them how Islam had been long established in the Philippines long before the Spaniard conquerors came and introduced Christianity.

"It is now time to recognize the people who did something to our native land. Lapu-Lapu was one of them," he said.

Duterte is leaving it to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines to figure out when and how Lapu-Lapu will be recognized nationwide. —KG, GMA News