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AFP: Maute bandits force hostages into marriage, sexual slavery

Hostages taken by the Maute terrorist group were not only forced to loot houses and establishments and fire back at government troops during the ongoing conflict in Marawi City, the women were also forced into marriage and sexual slavery.

The Armed Forced of the Philippines announced the findings after the rescue of 7 hostages, who reported what was happening inside the main conflict area in the war-torn city.

"Habang nasa captivity sila, sila po ay ginagamit. The hostages were tasked to loot houses, especially for ammunition, firearms, gold, jewelries. Ito yung mga tasks na binibigay ng maute sa kanila," said Lt. Col. Jo-Ar Herrera during a press conference on Tuesday.

He added that the terrorists had set a schedule for the hostages: looting was to occur from 7-11 am and after lunch until 3 pm.

They were also forced to carry firearms and fire against the military.

The Maute group was also forcing them to revert back to Islam.

Herrera said their worst findings were the "destruction of dignity" of female hostages.

"The worst thing, cases of female hostages who were forced to marry the Maute local terrorist group. They are being forced to serve as sex slaves," Herrera said.

"Ito yung mga nangyayari sa loob. Sabi ko nga, these are evil personalities," he added.

The miltiary recently reported that around 150 to 200 hostages remain in the hands of the terrorists.

A total of 70 government security forces and 26 civilians have been killed since the clashes broke out on May 23.

At least 290 terrorists were killed on the side of the Maute group. —NB/KVD, GMA News