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Duterte throws vulgar word at NDF consultants in profanity-laden SONA

President Rodrigo Duterte in his State of the Nation Address threw a vulgar Visayan word at consultants of the National Democratic Front, who he said proceeded to go to Norway even after the peace talks got stalled.

Duterte's second SONA was peppered with invectives meant for human rights advocates, corrupt public officials and insurgents.

"Ang gastos ng Norway... sumurender na siya, kasi naging issue sa pulitika eh this government who provided the good offices, matatalo sa eleksyon dahil sa issue diyan," Duterte said, referring to NDF chief political consultant Jose Maria Sison.

"Kasi pabalik-balik ang mga buang, akala mo mga turista. Wala namang pinag-usapan. Pagdating dito, gusto ng ganito, gusto mo. Lulo mo," he said.

Lulo in Bisaya means masturbation.

Duterte delivered his second SONA with the bravado—and cuss words—his supporters have come to expect.

Aside from going off script, the President took things a step further by peppering his speech with expletives.

Addressing critics who hit him for his seeming disregard for human rights, Duterte pointed to heinous crimes like the Bulacan massacre to explain his vigorous campaign against crime.

Human rights concerns in the face of such brutality, he explained, is "trivial."

"If you add human rights and due process, you stink and your mouth smells," he declared. "If you want to criticize -- criticize, condemn the act, stop them. But do not give the excuse or do not make it trivial by saying human rights at least will be protected."

He added, "'Yan ang pinaka-bugok magawa ng isang tao ... [D]o no talk about it at the same time when there is a carnage and you begin to blabber, talk about human rights."

"Lalong nagagalit ang tao. P-tangina mo, akala mo sino na..." he continued.

If his critics continue defending human rights, Duterte said, "Magmukha kang gago sa harap ng Pilipino."

The President repeated "t-ngina" at least three more times again in his speech and he was also heard saying "tarantado", "son of a bitch", and "gunggong," He also confessed to being a bully.

Duterte also deviated from his prepared speech in his first SONA, but he refrained from using profanities as he vowed to be more presidential when he assumed office. —NB/KVD, GMA News