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Duterte threatens revolutionary gov’t if ‘destab’ continues

President Rodrigo Duterte has threatened to declare a revolutionary government in case destabilization moves by his critics, particularly the Left, continue and start slipping into chaos.

"'Pag ang destablization ninyo patagilid na at medyo magulo na, I will not hesitate to declare a revolutionary government until the end of my term," he said in a report on state-run PTV  News on Friday.

"I will arrest all of you and we can go to a full-scale war against the Reds," Duterte added.

He said he will declare the revolutionary government if he thinks his critics are "about to take over the nation" and install a new government.

Duterte said he would not declare martial law because he would need to report to Congress for it.

He also said that declaring a revolutionary government would be akin to what late President Corazon Aquino did during her term.

"Just like your hero, heroine, President Corazon Aquino declared a martial law. Then… about to then changed her mind a few hours and declared a revolutionary government," he said.

Duterte's statement was part of a taped interview with broadcaster Erwin Tulfo that aired on Friday night.

While Duterte urged both the communists and Liberal Party to band against him, he singled out the Left in his recent rants.

"And pagka dumating ‘yang panahon ng revolutionary government, lahat kayo, lahat kayo, especially the left. As of now, itong mga legal fronts nila are part of the conspiracy. They are as equally guilty as the one fighting in the mountains. Kasi sila-sila ‘yan eh," he said.

Duterte even a few days before he was elected in May 2016 said he would want to set up a revolutionary government if he wins.

In August, the President floated the idea once again saying it would bring change to the country but it would not be during his term. — KBK/BAP, GMA News

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