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Center for Women’s Resources: Duterte is ‘misogyny personified’

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The Center for Women's Resources (CWR) on Thursday reported that cases of misogyny and discriminatory stereotypes have increased recently.

At the 16th Ulat Lila forum, the CWR bared its findings on the plight of women based on data and research done in 2017.

It said that neoliberalism has "reinforced gender stereotypes: women as inferior, as sex objects, as properties, and a whole range of sexist customs, practices, and ideas."

CWR also said that President Rodrigo Duterte is "misogyny personified," and that many are following his lead.

"I believe na lumalala [ang misogyny]. Noon meron pang pretension. Kahit sila ay feudal at very patriarchal, very conventional, hindi yun prino-pronouce. Napaka-burara ngayon," CWR executive director Mary Joan Guan told GMA News Online.

"If you are the number one person of the land...ikaw ang pakikinggan, tapos pag pinagtatawanan, nagiging norm na lang. Joke ba ang pagtrato sa kababaihan?" she added.

In the past, Duterte has joked that he should have had a turn in the gang rape of an Australian missionary who was murdered by her captors. He also told soldiers in Iligan City that he would back them if they committed rape.

Not long after, he made yet another rape joke, saying that children shouldn't be raped but that one could "mess with" Miss Universe, and that he would congratulate anyone who has "the balls" to rape knowing he could be lynched for it.

Guan said that Duterte represents how women are seen in society.

"[Siya ang] nage-exemplify kung paano tinitignan ng kalalakihan and even women for that matter, kung paano tinitignan ang kababaihan sa lipunan. I think he's not alone," she said.

CWR's findings also showed that there is a troubling persistence of violence against women and children.

A total of 9,916 cases of rape were recorded in 2016. Of this number, 7,350 of the cases were rapes of children, while 2,566 were of women.

There were also 35,093 recorded violations of Republic Act 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004.

Guan highlighted education as a very important factor in fighting rape culture.

However, she expressed dismay over some of the K to 12 textbooks they reviewed, where they found examples of female objectification and gender stereotyping.

"Nung nakita namin nung nagre-research kami ng textbooks, we were so disturbed. Ito na lang ba ang pinagaaralan ng mga bata? It's a grade 8 textbook," she said. — BM, GMA News

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