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Duterte fires Bacolod City police chief, four other officers

President Rodrigo Duterte last Saturday axed Bacolod City Chief of Police Francis Ebreo for his "involvement in illegal drugs."

A press release sent to media on Sunday by the Presidential Communications Operations Office quoted the President as saying: “I’d like to know if the chief of police is here. If you are here kindly stand up because you are fired as of this moment.”

Duterte announced the sacking of Ebreo in his speech at an event in Bacolod City's L’Fisher Hotel.

“In your involvement in drugs and making the people of Bacolod miserable, I am relieving and dismissing you from the service as of now Senior Superintendent Francis Ebreo,” he added.

The Chief Executive also announced the dismissal of four other police officials.

“Then you have Superintendent Tayuan... And Superintendent Yatar... And there is Victor Paulino, police SI... Macapagal, you are out,” the President said. 

Also, he ordered the police officers to report to his office on Monday (January 14) at 2 p.m.

According to the President, the policemen are protecting the drug syndicate in the city.

“But these persons that I have mentioned have something to do with the interest of the are protecting, or you are in cahoots with the drug syndicate.”  —LBG, GMA News