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5 of 10 Pinoys believe Duterte can fulfill all if not most of his promises —SWS

Half of Filipinos still believe that President Rodrigo Duterte will fulfill most, if not all, of his campaign promises, the Social Weather Stations survey conducted in December showed.

The survey conducted among 1,440 respondents from December 16 to 19 indicated that 48 percent think that Duterte will deliver on his promises.

Thirty five percent believe he will fulfill "most" of his promises while 13 believe he will deliver "on all or nearly all."

Forty-six percent of the respondents believe Duterte can only fulfill “a few” of the promises can be fulfilled while six percent said "none or almost none".

The December 2018 proportion of those expecting most, if not all, of Duterte's promises to be fulfilled rose by two points from 46 percent, consisting of 14 percent “all or nearly all” and 32 percent “most,” in March 2018.

SWS said the two-point increase was due to increases in the Visayas and Balance Luzon, combined with a decline in Mindanao and a slight decline in Metro Manila.

It rose by eight points in the Visayas, from 38 percent in March 2018 to 46 percent in December 2018 and rose by 5 points in Balance Luzon, from 44 percent in March to 49 percent in December.

The expectation fell by 10 points in Mindanao, from 60 percent in March to 50 percent in December and slightly declined in Metro Manila, moving from 42 percent in March to 41 percent in December.

The expectations that the President can fulfill most, if not all, of his promises also slightly rose among men and women and those aged 35 and above but declined in the younger respondents

It fell by eight points among 18-24 year olds, from 57 percent in March to 49 percent in March and fell by 2 points among 25-34 year olds, from 53 percent in March to 51 percent in December.

Using face to face interviews, they survey tapped respondents from Balance Luzon, Metro Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao (sampling error margins of ±2.6% for national percentages, and ±5% each for Balance Luzon, Metro Manila, Visayas, and Mindanao).

The survey was non-commissioned and included on SWS's own initiative and released as a public service.

SWS said it employed its own staff for questionnaire design, sampling, fieldwork, data-processing, and analysis, and does not outsource any of its survey operations. —NB, GMA News