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Reds back Leni Robredo in calling for end to Duterte’s ‘failed’ war on drugs

The Communist Party of the Philippines has expressed support for Vice President Leni Robredo' call for the Duterte administration to end its war on drugs.

Robredo on Wednesday said the campaign against illegal drugs had failed, adding that it targeted the poor instead of wealthy drug lords.

"Her description of the drug war as ineffective reflects the sentiments of majority of the Filipino people who are skeptical of Duterte’s real aims but are silenced and paralyzed by the reign of terror and violence," the CPP said in a statement.

In a post on the Philippine Revolution Web Central, the CPP said it denounced the campaign as a war against the poor soon after Duterte mounted the campaign unleashed widespread killings.

"It has become crystal clear that Duterte’s drug war is a big hoax. Vice President  Robredo correctly observes that the country is now saturated with shabu and other drugs," the party said.

The CPP said Duterte was responsible for the mass killings of tens of thousands of people in his drug war.

It added that while Philippine National Police (PNP) officially reported more than 6,000 killed in its 'drug operations', at least 25,000 other murders since 2016 had been classified as “under investigation." —NB, GMA News