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Mt. Province teachers walk kilometers to get internet signal for webinar

In order to attend a webinar for blended learning, which they will have to be familiar with for the upcoming school year, four Mountain Province public school teachers had to walk several kilometers just for an internet signal.

According to Mariz Umali's report on "24 Oras," the Maducayan Elementary School teachers walked nine kilometers and even crossed a river in order to reach Barangay Saliok for the signal.

"Kung bad weather talaga, syempre madulas, madulas 'yung daan. Pero kapag good weather naman, puwedeng dumaan ng, lalakarin 'yun ng mga two hours. Pero kapag bad weather, lalakarin mo 'yan mga two to three hours," Julita Gumatay, head teacher, said.

Gumatay said that this was what dedication to their profession required.

"As we have pledged it, as a teacher, is to bring education to the children. Lalo na ngayon, COVID-time, talaga we are worried kung paano namin naman iia-abot ang edukasyon para sa mga bata," she added.

The teachers also huddled around only one cellphone in the only area in the barangay with a signal.

"Ang signal naman doon ay fluctuating, nawawala, kasi 'yung ginagamit namin ay cellphone, pumunta kami doon sa hill, kumuha kami ng speaker para isa lang ang magamit na cellphone para hindi naman maagawan 'yung signal," Gumatay said.

Despite this, Gumatay said they were more worried about the children's lack of gadgets as well as the lack of a signal.

"Paano kami gumamit ng internet or online na wala namang signal? Ang mga bata ay wala naman silang gadgets... they are still ignorant in using gadgets like this, ah," she said.

"Kung maari sana ma'am ay mabigyan kami ng mas malakas na cell site," she added. — Joahna Lei Casilao/DVM, GMA News