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Duque: RITM looking into alleged 'inaccurate' results of PRC COVID-19 tests to health personnel in Subic

The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) is looking into an incident in Subic wherein some hospital personnel tested positive for COVID-19, however, a retest three days later yielded negative result.

This was raised by Deputy Speaker and SAGIP party-list Representative Rodante Marcoleta during the continuation of the congressional inquiry into the controversial purchase of COVID-19 items on Monday.

Forty-nine health personnel initially tested positive for COVID-19 on September 3, based on the test conducted by a laboratory of the Philippine Red Cross, according to Marcoleta. However, after having a second test in a different laboratory, 44 of them tested negative.

"It's about a certain number of personnel in a hospital in Subic who were tested positive by the PRC laboratory in Subic. They are all vaccinated staff of the hospitals and because they doubt the result that they become positive, they have themselves retested on September 6, nangyari po ito September 3 eh," Marcoleta said.

"After three days, they have themselves retested in another facility and 44 out of 49 false positive, nag-negative silang lahat," Marcoleta added.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque confirmed receiving the complaint and said the RITM is already investigating the matter.

"I have with me the actual communication coming from a complainant, but who has requested for anonymity. But, I do confirm that there is that complaint which is being investigated now by the Lab Network, headed by Assistant Secretary Nestor Santiago, whom I believe relayed to the RITM to do an evaluation or assessment of this complaint," Duque said.

He said there is no conclusion yet on the incident.

He said the RITM would forward its evaluation to the Health Facility Service Regulatory Bureau that will make the determination on the sanctions, if any, as well as the actions that will be done so this will not happen again.—AOL, GMA News