Philippines' new COVID-19 cases from Aug. 22 to 28 down by 19%


COVID-19 cases in the Philippines have decreased as the Department of Health logged 19,262 new infections from August 22 to August 28—a figure 19% lower than the cases recorded the week before, the Department of Health said Monday.

Based on the DOH’s weekly COVID-19 case bulletin, the weekly total of over 19,000 cases logged last week was a decline from the 23,883 cases from August 15 to August 21.

The daily case average for the recent week also decreased to 2,752 from the previous 3,412.

For the past week, a total of 316 additional verified COVID-19-related deaths were belatedly recorded by the DOH. These deaths were logged from June 2020 to August 2022.

Of the 316 deaths, 113 occurred in August 2022, 18 in July 2022, 2 in June 2022, 5 in May 2022, 1 in April 2022, 63 in February 2022, 104 in January 2022, 1 in September 2021, 1 in August 2021, 3 in May 2021, 1 in March 2021, 1 in February 2021, 2 in January 2021, and 1 in June 2020.

Ninety-four of these also occurred between August 15 to August 28.

Further, data showed that 807 severe and critical cases were admitted in hospitals due to the viral disease as of Sunday, August 28.

Of the 2,551 intensive care unit (ICU) beds, 635 or 24.9% were occupied. Meanwhile, 5,986 or 28.1% of the 21,287 non-ICU COVID-19 beds were in use.


Of the new cases recorded in the recent covered period, there were 110 individuals tagged as new severe or critical cases. This was 0.62% of the new cases reported for the week, according to DOH.

Vaccination updates

A total of 72,476,610 individuals or 92.80% of the government’s target population are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, based on the data.

Of this number, 166,461 were vaccinated from August 22 to August 28.

Meanwhile, at least 6.8 million senior citizens or 78.10% of the target A2 population have also received their primary vaccine series.

The DOH also said that 17,843,348 individuals have received their booster shots. Of which, 424,207 were boosted in the same period.

The Philippines on Sunday recorded 2,318 new COVID-19 cases—the third day with fewer than 3,000 new infections. —NB, GMA News