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Remulla: Immigration Bureau’s Port Operations Division to be deactivated

Justice Secretary Jesus Crispin Remulla is set to sign an order deactivating the Port Operations Division of the Bureau of Immigration. 

On Tuesday, Remulla told reporters that centralizing port operations under one person is one of the "defects" of the immigration system in the country.

"I'm about to sign an order that will deactivate one office in the Bureau of Immigration which, we believe, is one of the defects of the immigration system. That is the Port Operations Division, centralizing port operations under one person. We are now deactivating that office," Remulla said.

"We will take away the centralization. We will leave the command responsibility to every person heading the operations in every airport," he added.

"This is in response to other controversies that we faced in the past months about the process of immigration in our country." 


The Philippines deported two Japanese fugitives Tuesday upon the request of Japanese authorities after a series of criminal activities in Japan was traced to them. Two more Japanese fugitives are expected to be deported tomorrow.

Remulla also told reporters that certain BI personnel are now facing administrative cases and that criminal charges may also be filed against them.

An auditing of prisoners under the BI's custody is also being conducted, Remulla said. — RSJ, GMA Integrated News