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VP Sara urges parents to use contraceptives, have family planning

Vice President Sara Duterte on Tuesday called on newlyweds and soon-to-be parents to conduct family planning sessions and practice responsible parenthood for the welfare of their children.

In her speech during a mass wedding ceremony sponsored by the Parañaque City local government, the Vice President explained that the uncontrolled number of pregnancies, resulting in some children not being able to finish their studies, is one of the reasons why some families remain in poverty.

“Napakarami ng kanilang anak na hindi na nila kayang pakainin nang maayos, hindi na nila kayang pag-aralin kaya nagbalik-balik ‘yung kahirapan doon sa kanilang pamilya,” Duterte said.

(Their children are so many that they could no longer feed them properly and have them study. This is why they are stuck in poverty.)

“Paalala lagi sa mga magulang na kailangan pagplanuhan natin ang ating pag-anak dahil... mahihirapan ang pamilya ninyo at kawawa ang mga anak ninyo kapag hindi ninyo sila mapalaki ng maayos, hindi ninyo mabibigay ang gusto nila, at hindi ninyo sila mapagtapos ng pag-aaral,” she added.

(I’m reminding parents that we need to plan on having children because your family and children will suffer if you could not raise them properly, you could not give them what they want, and you could not have them finish their studies.)

Duterte, who sits as the concurrent Education secretary, said that couples should discuss between themselves how many children they could afford to finish school.

Once they have reached that target number of children, she advised couples to go to their respective city health offices to consult contraception options for their family planning.

The Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM) earlier lamented the low contraceptive usage among Filipino men, saying that according to DOH data, only about 400,000 Filipino men currently use condoms— RSJ, GMA Integrated News