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Marcos orders revision of scientific career system IRR

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. has directed the revision of the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the scientific career system.

Through Executive Order No. 17, the President said there is a need to update the existing implementing rules and regulations of the scientific order system to respond “to the evolving needs of the country’s science and technology human resources in government service.”

Marcos' latest EO stated that the SCS would be a system of recruitment, career progression, recognition and reward of scientists in public service aimed at developing a pool of highly qualified and productive scientific personnel.

Further, it will be characterized by entrance to and a career progression or advancement based on qualifications, merit and scientific productivity, career path to scientists, as well as incentives and rewards to ensure attraction and retention of highly qualified personnel in the science and technology sector.

It was under Executive Order No. 901 (S.1983) that the SCS was established within the civil service to support and encourage the development of science and technology, which is one of the major dimensions of the country's national development efforts.

Meanwhile, the SCS administration system will be composed of the chairperson of the CSC as ex-officio chairperson, the secretary of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) as ex-officio co-chairperson, and other ex-officio members.

A Technical Working Group and Special Technical Committees (STCs) will be established as well by the SCS "to serve as an advisory body and screening committee."

The EO also indicated that the appointments of scientists under SCS would be based on rank, from Scientist 1 to Scientist V, who will be admitted to the system to the extent that they meet the minimum qualifications.

Their pay will be based on a compensation plan, which will include fringe benefits and reasonable allowances comparable to those of the Career Executive Service (CES), the EO added.

On the other hand, Marcos' latest order also called for the provision of a continuing training program for all active scientists.—AOL, GMA Integrated News