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Two suspects tagged prominent person in Degamo slay —source

The suspects who have executed extra-judicial confessions in connection with the attack on the residence Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo last weekend have tagged a prominent person as the mastermind behind the killing.

According to John Consulta's report on "24 Oras", the source said the suspects Joven Javier and Osmundo Rivero said that the mastermind ordered the hit. He allegedly used a middleman identified as "Marvin."

Four plans were allegedly hatched to kill Degamo—one by an ambush, another by a sniper attack. A third was to intercept Degamo as he went around the constituency and fourth, an attack on his residence.

Gunmen swooped down on Degamo's house on Saturday, killing him and several others and wounding more.

Javier and Rivero were reportedly former soldiers.

Javier has indicated his intention to reveal all that he knows about the governor's killing. He sought protection for his family.

Rivero, on the other hand, said he was offered no money to take part in the assassination.

He said his family was instead threatened. —Sundy Locus/NB, GMA Integrated News