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VP Sara calls for kindness, respect in Ramadan message

Vice President Sara Duterte called for kindness and respect as Muslims began observing Ramadan on Thursday. 
“I am one with our Filipino brothers and sisters in the observance of Ramadan across the world. In this time of solemn prayer, fasting, and reflection, let us be grateful for the blessings we received and pray for the plight of others who are in need of our help, support, and intercession,” Duterte said in her video message.
“May we learn to demonstrate compassion, kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, and respect,” she added.
Duterte also appealed for prayers for the country.
“With all humility and trust, let us lay down in our prayers our deepest hopes of lasting peace in Mindanao, the Philippines, and the world, even as we pray for our good intentions, life plans, and our dreams of prosperity and unity in our family, community, and country,” she said.
“May this Ramadan allow us to cleanse our thoughts, purify our hearts, and go deeper with our faith in Allah as we take heed of and manifest the teachings of the Quran in our daily lives,” she added.
The holy month of Ramadan calls for spiritual reflection through praying, fasting, and abstaining from sinful behavior. — VBL, GMA Integrated News