How much veterans’ pensions are increased under new law

By LLANESCA T. PANTI,GMA Integrated News

The law increasing the monthly disability pension of veterans will give due recognition to the service they rendered to the country while helping the finances of their families, Speaker Martin Romualdez said on Thursday.

Romualdez was referring to the Republic Act (RA) No. 11958 or the  Act Rationalizing the Disability Pension of Veterans signed by President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., a measure that increases the monthly disability pension of veterans as follows:

The new law also provides that a veteran, upon reaching the age of 70, is “deemed disabled and will be entitled to a monthly pension of P1,700.”

 “With the recent signing of the law, a brighter future awaits those who have selflessly served our nation. This significant step ensures that disabled veterans will not only receive the recognition they deserve but also gain the financial support they need to lead fulfilling lives, free from the economic burden of their disabilities,” Romualdez said.

 “It is a reaffirmation of our commitment to our heroes,” he added.

A higher disability pension, Romualdez said, also provides the veterans with the financial means to access the necessary medical treatment, adaptive equipment, and support services to improve their quality of life.

 "Since families of disabled veterans often bear the financial and caregiving burdens associated with disabilities, a higher pension can alleviate some of these pressures, allowing families to better support their loved ones and maintain their own well-being,” he added. —NB, GMA Integrated News