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Youscooper gets falling rocks, trees on video of landslide in Benguet


Commuters bound for Ifugao from Baguio got quite a scare when a landslide hit the mountainside road they were traversing.

YouScooper Kersee Masillem captured on video the landslide in the municipality of Buguias in Benguet.

The bus she was riding in was idle on the road when the rocks started falling.

It quickly moved in reverse after more debris, including bigger rocks and trees, started falling onto the road.

Passengers of the bus were screaming in terror as the landslide loomed towards them.

Masillem said that their bus could not easily reverse because another vehicle behind them was not moving.

A rock hit the roof of the bus.

No one was reported hurt in the incident. 

The bus was bound for Ifugao from Baguio City. The stranded passengers were able to leave the site by hitching a ride on a truck. —Dona Magsino/NB, GMA News