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EAMC denies claims they lack body bags for dead patients

The East Avenue Medical Center on Saturday denied claims by some social media posts that it lacked  body bags for patients who have died.

A deleted post on Facebook earlier requested donations of body bags for the hospital as their supply was allegedly running out.

In a phone interview with GMA News Online, the hospital's administration staff said that although the number of body bags was dwindling, they had a steady supply of the product.

The EAMC also assured the public that bodies were not piling up at the back of the hospital as it is coordinating with government authorities.

In a statement, the hospital also said that it did not receive any order or statement from the Department of Health or the local government to stop the reporting of COVID-19 deaths.

"The East Avenue Medical Center... has received no directive, order, or statement... to stop or hold the census and reporting of deaths related to COVID-19),"  the EAMC said.

"Deaths related to COVID-19 in [the] East Avenue Medical Center are still being recorded and reported to the Department of Health."

The EAMC released the statement after the DOH denied ordering hospitals to do so in response to a claim by Arnold Clavio that a hospital in Metro Manila has been ordered such.

On Friday, according to the Department of Health, the COVID-19 death toll in the Philippines rose to 247, the number of confirmed cases reached  4,428, and recoveries at 157. —LBG, GMA News