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Memorial statue for hero dog Kabang arrives in Zamboanga City

The memorial statue for hero dog, Kabang, arrived in Zamboanga City, according to a “24 Oras Weekend” report.

The statue was created by Kublai Millan and it will be housed in the concrete vault where Kabang’s remains were placed.

The statue will be displayed at the roundabout in Barangay Pasonanca beside the statues of St. Francis of Assisi who is the patron saint of animals and veterinarians.

Those in-charge are just waiting for the go signal from the local government to start the placement of the statue.

Kabang passed away on May 17.

She became famous in 2011 when she leapt in front of a speeding motorcycle on a busy road to save two young girls—the daughter of her owner and her cousin.

Her face was mangled but she survived the incident.

When her story became viral, an online fundraising drive spearheaded by New York-based nurse Karen Kenngott raised more than $20,000 for Kabang's treatment in the US.

Doctors were unable to completely rebuild her face but managed to protect her from infections that could have endangered her life. — Franchesca Viernes/DVM, GMA News

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