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Father in Cebu faces raps for punching daughter's date

A 16-year-old in Carcar City, Cebu was punched several times and hit with a hard object by the father of his date, according to the report of Fem Dumaboc for GMA Regional TV "Balitang Bisdak" on "Saksi" on Tuesday.

The incident occurred in a coffee shop and was caught on video. The young man was seen badly injured.

Carcar City Police Station Chief Police Lieutenant Colonel Ardioleto Cabagnot said mobile patrollers saw a commotion and some people asked for assistance.

Police personnel arrived to see the suspect still clutching the young man.

The suspect, who was later identified as the father of the young man's date, was carried away by his emotion when he saw that his daughter was on a date.

The suspect said his daughter told him that she does not have a boyfriend and that he was hurt that she did not ask for his permission to go on a date.

He admitted punching his daughter's date twice and that he used a coffee stirrer to hit his head.

The suspect said that he regrets hitting the young man and has asked for forgiveness.

A complaint has been filed against the suspect for violations in relation to the Special Protection of Children against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act. BAP/KG, GMA Integrated News