Balitang mula sa bayan, para sa bayan


What is considered scoop-worthy or newsworthy?

Almost anything, as long as it's interesting! Especially if it affects a large number of people. What do you think the public should know about? What do you consider compelling, fascinating, relevant, or novel?

As more people gain access to cameras, laptops, and the Internet, citizen journalism is changing the way news is defined. YouScoop is about giving you a chance to help determine what makes the headlines.

We do, however, discourage you to submit scoops that contain:

  • Content you know to be untrue.
  • Content that infringes on copyright laws, or content that you did not produce yourself.
  • Content that can be considered pornographic or offensive in nature.
  • Content that poses any kind of threat to personal or public safety.

How do I submit a scoop?

There are two basic ways to submit a scoop: via Internet or via Mobile Phone.

Via Internet, just go to our home page ( and click on the Submit button. You will then be guided on what to do.

Via Mobile Phone, you can send either an SMS message (text only) or MMS message (with picture/video/audio). Just compose your message using the following format, then send to 4627:


Send to 4627.


Why do I have to give my name and contact details when I submit a scoop?

We need to make sure that scoops are true and factual before we decide to use them on GMA News Online or any of the GMA News and Public Affairs programs. It's important that we're able to contact you in case we need to verify details about your report. If we cannot contact you, there is less of a chance that we'll publish or air your scoop.

I don't want the public to know that I was the one who submitted my scoop. Can you protect my identity?

Some YouScoopers may not want to be publicly acknowledged as the source of their scoop. When you submit your scoop, your name and contact details are required BUT you can let us know if you want us to protect your identity from the public.

What are tags?

Tags are short keywords that are used to organize similar material on the internet. We ask YouScoopers to suggest "tags" for their scoops so that our staff and even other visitors to the site can more easily search their material. For example, a video about a road accident in Bulacan might have the tags "accident" and "Bulacan." That way, people searching for scoops about either Bulacan or accidents can more easily find your scoop.

I've submitted my scoop. What happens now?

After you submit your scoop, it will be screened by GMA News Online editors. If your scoop sparks our interest, you might receive a call from us to verify its accuracy and authenticity. After that, we might choose to publish your scoop on GMA News Online or air it on one of the many programs of GMA News and Public Affairs. If your scoop makes the cut, you'll be notified via e-mail or text message and your contribution will be acknowledged on the air or online.

Unfortunately, we can't use all the scoops we get. You can improve the chances of your scoop being published or aired by submitting compelling and truthful material.

What are "Kunan mo!" assignments?

These are specific topics, events, or stories that we want YouScoopers to cover. For example, during a typhoon, we might ask you to send us photos, videos, or audio interviews about how the disaster is affecting your community. We will give assignments on a fairly regular basis, so keep checking the assignments page for the latest ones!

Do I retain the copyright to my material after I submit it?

We will give you full credit for your work in exchange for the right to use your material. See our Terms and Conditions.

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