In Baguio City, eight boat concessionaires adorned their boats with flowers, showcasing the rich culture, tradition, and history of the Cordillera Region in the Panagbenga Fluvial Parade. 

This event not only symbolizes the vibrant culture of the region but also serves as a means to support the livelihood of boat concessionaires and boost tourism in Baguio City.

Yung mga tourist will also come to see kung paano ba talaga [kaganda] ang baguio [and] at the same malamig na makaka-boat ka pa," Vivian Celso, a boat concessionaire, said.

"Ang ating objective talaga [nito] ay to enhance the quality of experience ng mga turista, and siyempre kapag andito sila they have something to look forward to. If they go to the park they can just enjoy watching the fluvial parades, like this, and naha-highlight yung boating activity in the city of Baguio,” Jovi Ganongan, the Director of the Department of Tourism-CAR, said.

Meanwhile, various cultural dance performances took center stage in the "Rythm and Blooms of the Highlands" event in the Melvin Jones Grandstand.

The grand street dance parade and grand floral parade is set on February 24 and 25, 2024, marking the pinnacle of the Panagbenga Festival.

The Baguio City LGU is prepared for the expected influx of tourists, advising visitors to use public transportation to avoid traffic congestion.