An evening in Naguilian, La Union became bright with vibrant colors and sparkling lights as participants in the Festival of Lights Drum and Lyre Competition showcased creative attires, instruments, and props in what would be the province’s first nighttime competition.

The event was held as part of the 17th Basi Festival and 185th Foundation Anniversary of Naguilian.

Competitors went all out, presenting outfits that seemed to twinkle and soar in the night sky.

Besides the contestant's selected musical pieces, each group performed to the beat of "I Love This Town," the official hymn of Naguilian.

"Naipakita ang creativity not only ‘yung musicality ng drum and lyre participants but also the creativity in exhibiting beautiful displays of lights," Atty. Dearkyle Anicee Abenoja Galvez-Taqued, the Chairperson of the 17th Basi Festival, said.

The event also featured a Sitio-Barangay Presentation Contest, featuring the distinct products of each barangay.

Among the highlights was the giant "buyboy" or coconut broom created by Barangay San Antonio. 

The choreography of dancers wielding the "walis tambo" added a touch of creativity to the performance.

Adding joy to the spectators was a two-year-old dancer, the youngest performer in the Bimmotobot.

"Basi is our 'One Town, One Product' and we are very proud kasi world class ang quality ng basi ng Naguilian, that is why we have this tagline which is 'Home of the Original Basi'," Galvez-Taqued said.