The municipal government of Mangaldan, Pangasinan is forced to close two of the restrooms at the public plaza after the septic tank overflowed.

“Aapaw talaga kasi yan kapag open lahat sa dami ng tao na gagamit tapos maliit lang ang septic tank,” Bong Lamsen, Mangaldan Public Plaza Supervisor, said.

The two restrooms will be subject to rehabilitation. To remedy the situation, the town will build a bigger septic tank.

“Kung sarado ‘yan, maraming magrereklamo kasi,” Lamsen said.

Two other restrooms are still functional, as of this writing.

Florenda Naoe, a resident, said restrooms are important, otherwise, visitors to the plaza might just pee at trees or just about anywhere.

“Importante talaga ang restroom para hindi sa puno iihi or kung saan-saan lang,” she said.