Residents of Barangay Osiem in Mangaldan, Pangasinan, are enduring a persistent foul smell emanating from a clogged canal.

Various types of trash have reportedly clogged the drainage system. 

The blockage not only produces an unpleasant smell but also causes the canal to overflow during rainfall and flood the street. 

"Matagal na perwisyo ito, kaunting ulan lang baha na dito sa sa amin," Nora Alviar, a resident, said.

The barangay council said the parts of the drainage canal are buried under soil, preventing proper water flow.

They said they will allocate funds for the canal's rehabilitation.

"Iyon ay matagal ng problema, pero naglaan na kami ng pondo mula sa 20 percent development fund na P150,000 para sa rehabilitation and pag-cover ng drainage canal," Cecilio Monsado, the Barangay Secretary of Osiem, said.

The barangay has promised to take action. 

Residents hope that the drainage system will be fixed before the onset of typhoons and heavy rains to prevent further inconvenience and potential health hazards.